NAC: Inuit Holiday Tradition

Just as the rest of us are putting away holiday lights and sweeping up New Year’s confetti, a tradition like no other gearing up in the Inuit villages of Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada. Every January 6, the Nalujuit come out of the icy sea to visit Inuit children. They have terrifying faces and carry harpoons and other menacing staffs. They give out treats to children they deem good, but chase those who are bad. It’s a beloved Labrador Inuit tradition that’s also documented by an Inuk filmmaker.


Jennie Williams (Inuk), filmmaker and photographer

Meda Dewitt (Lingít), ethno-herbalist, educator, and traditional healer

Sharon Edmunds (Inuk), from Makkovik, born and raised on the northern coast of Labrador


Watch the film Nalujuk Night courtesy of  the National Film Board